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Beanie Babies Price Guide – Letter A

This is a price guide for the Beanie Babies that start with letter 'A'.

One of the key Beanies beginning with the letter A is the 1st Generation Ally the Alligators, which can be worth decent money.

Also look for the rare Aotearoa, with the Flag Nose, which can bring in over $30.

If there is a Beanie beginning with the letter A that you have and don't see listed, leave a comment below and I will add them to the list.

Beanie Babies Worth Money On This Page

Ally The Alligator
Style Number: 4032
Value: $150+
More Information

A $4
ABC The Bear $4 - See Guide
Aces $6 - See Guide
Addison $3 - See Guide
Admiral $6 - See Guide
Adonis $4 - See Guide
Adore $5 - See Guide
Ai $5 - See Guide
Alabama $2 - See Guide
Alacazam $7 - See Guide
Alana $5 - See Guide
Alani $3 - See Guide
Alberta $4 - See Guide
Alex $5 - See Guide
Allegro $9 - See Guide
All-Star Dad $5 - See Guide
Ally – See Guide
Almond $2 - See Guide
Alps $3 - See Guide
Alvin - See Guide
Always $3 - See Guide
Amber $3 - See Guide
America - See Guide
American $5 - See Guide
American Blessing $4 - See Guide
Amigo $3 - See Guide 

Amore $10  - See Guide
Anchor $7 - See Guide
Ants $2 - See Guide
Aotearoa - See Guide
Applejack $6 - See Guide
April $6 - See Guide
April Fool $12 - See Guide
Arabesque $10 - See Guide
Arctic $8 - See Guide
Aria $10 - See Guide
Ariel $4 - See Guide
Arizona $5 - See Guide
Arlene $3 - See Guide
Aruba $3 - See Guide
Astra $3 - See Guide
Atlanta $5 - See Guide
Atlanta Braves $10 - See Guide
August $5 - See Guide
Aurora $3 - See Guide
Aussiebear $4 - See Guide
Austin $30 - See Guide
Australia $8 - See Guide
Ava $10 - See Guide
Avalanche $15  - See Guide
Avalon $4 - See Guide
Aware $4 - See Guide
Awareness $3 - See Guide
Axew $20 - See Guide

  • mary says:

    i have a beanie name Hale 1998

  • mary says:

    I Meant Halo 1998 with wing Beanie
    what is the cost

  • Tom says:

    2002 America (9/1/1 fundraiser for red cross)

  • jake says:

    i hav a baniee namd armstrong with first gneration stuff but i don’t know how much it’s worth..

    • jake says:

      *have a beanie named

      • Love My Beanies says:

        Hello! There are a couple different Armstrong’s, one is a Gorilla that is apart of the Ty Classic line. Those can be worth about $5. There is also an Attic Treasures blue bear named Armstrong. Those have minimal value, maybe $1-3.

  • Gina Pagliaro says:

    I have quite a few of the small beanie babies issued by McDonald’s in the 90’s. All in original wrappings. Are they worth anything?

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello! Unfortunately, the McDonald’s Beanie Babies don’t have a whole lot of value. Ty and McDondalds did really well with that promotion, but they made so many of the Beanies for the Happy Meals that there are just too many out there.

  • Ellen Moore says:

    I have a lot of beanies I bought for my daughter. She was around 2 so we took the hanging tags off. I know!! Who knew! I have Ally the alligator, Trap the mouse, even a Bronte. Tons more, but my question is: are they worth much? And how should I sell them.

  • Yvette miller says:

    I have 175 it’s addition beanie babies in mint condition with tags on I would like to know their total vale

  • peg says:

    I have all the beanies from McDonalds never opened are they worth anything

  • Angelina says:

    I have a beanie with an ally heart tag but the tush tag says seamorean

  • Anonymous says:

    Angelina bear? It’s rather large for a beanie baby. It has wings, a bow, and a blue scarf. The tag says Classic. Is it worth more than a dollar or two?

  • MEGAN says:

    I have a ton of beanie babies. Fish turtles birds cats dogs.

  • Ashlee says:

    azure 1993 tush 2nd gen hand 3rd gen embroided tush

  • Peggy says:

    Do we have a value for Antsy the Anteater? Thank you.

  • Slurpie3 says:

    America is real price for a almost mint is worth 200 bucks cool huh?

  • Curt says:

    Im blue without you
    Multicolor blue bear saluting and a blue ribbon around its neck.

  • Mae says:

    “Sunny Days Are Here Again!”
    Attic Treasures Collection
    1st gen tag

  • Lucy says:

    Is their a website that I can order a collector’s price list for the beanies. I would like to sell my collection.

    • shawn laird says:

      I have over 200 in my collection and other beanie Baby odds and ends and would like to know where to sell mine as well…thanks

  • Annie says:

    What about Azalea? Lilac Hare/Bunny. Tush tag 1993. “Hare today, gone tomorrow.”

  • Christy Ortega says:

    Azure .. blue bear from 1993

  • >