Beanie Babies Price Guide – Letter K

This is a Beanie Babies price guide for ones beginning with letter K. The prices are from online auction site eBay in 2014.

If you have a Beanie Babie that starts with K and it’s not on this page, leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

Only a few Beanie Babies that start with letter K will have any value. The 3rd/1st Generation Tagged Kiwi is somewhat hard to find and can bring $20-40 on a good day.

[one_half_first]Kai-lan -$5
Kaleidoscope -$5
Kanata -$3
Kansas -$5
Kansas City -$6
Kansas Sunflower -$5
Kasey Kahne -$3
Kermit -$9
Kernow -$4
Keroppi -$15
Kevin Harvick -$4
Khufu -$5
Kia Ora -$5
Kicks -$3
Killarney -$5
King Julien -$30
Kion -$3
Kippy -$3
Kirby -$5
Kissable -$3[/one_half_first][one_half_last]KISS-e -$3
Kisses -$6
Kiss-kiss -$19
Kissme -$4
Kissy -$5
Kiwi -$31
Kiwiana -$4
KnOWLedge -$23
Knuckles -$4
Kookie -$5
Kookoo -$
Kooky -$4
Koowee -$9
Korea -$6
Kringle -$5
Kuku -$3
Kuromi -$5
Kurt Busch -$2
Kyle Busch -$2[/one_half_last]

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  • Hi here’s a list of my beanie babies can you tell me what I’ve got?
    1999 Ty signature
    993 princess Di
    1993 the attic treasures May also this one has no star
    1995Ringo the raccoon
    1994 valentino
    1996 Fleece
    1995 Stinky style #4017
    1993. chocolate. style #4015 this one also has the lower case l instead of i in beanie
    1993 Cubbie
    1994 bones
    some have pe pellets and others have. PVC .
    thanks for all your help

    • Princess Diana one , could be worth a lot is it purple ? Someone bought one at a boot fair for a fiver and got it valued at 60,000, this week !

  • I have a “kicks” bear were the word “Gasport” is spelt “Gosport” and there’s a 98 on the hangtag and a 99 on the tushtag. Is this one worth anything? I also have the one without the error in the spelling on year.

    • Did you get an answer on your kicks with the wording spelt wrong? I have the same one and I am wondering how much it goes for? If you found out anything could you let me know? Thanks

  • i meant to say I have the one with gasport. I have them both, so one of them is an error…is it worth anything? and what about holiday teddys, or american pride teddys like spangle and glory? How about Teddy the beanie baby in special cranberry color

  • Hi there…have been looking at Patti the Platypus…I have one and I keep finding references to a rare error with them which seems to be about it having pvc pellets? Do you know anymore about that that you could shed some light on for me please?

  • Are the “Attic Treasures Collection” worth any money? I can’t find any information on any of them. I have Rosalyne a rabbit. Katrina a white cat with green jumper and Rafaella a bear with fairy wings.

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