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Beanie Babies Price Guide – Letter R

Beanie Babies price guide for ones beginning with letter R.

rexRex the T-Rex
Hang Tag: 3rd Gen – Tush Tag: 1st Gen
Sold For: $71.00
Date Sold: May 5, 2014
Top Beanie Babies Sales – May 2014


Radar -$3
Rainbow Dash -$5
Rainbow Sock -$7
Raine -$9
Rally Doodle Dandy -$10
Rally Monkey -$15
Ramble -$3
Raphael -$5
Rarity -$5
Rascal -$25
The Rat -$3
Ratzo -$5
Razor -$6
Rebecca Rabbit -$10
Red -$3
Red, White, & Blue -$3
Redford -$3
Reefs -$3
Reese -$15
Regal -$10
Rescue FDNY -$5
Rescue St Bernard -$15
Rhapsody -$20
Richie -$5
Ricochet -$15
Riggins -$4
Righty -$4
Righty 2000 -$3
Righty 2004 -$3

Righty 2008 -$10
Ringo -$2
Rintoo -$10
Roam -$2
Roary -$3
Rocket -$2
Roger -$15
Romance -$3
Romeo & Juliet -$5
Ronald McDonald Orlando -$50
Ronnie -$4
Rooftop -$8
Rooster -$3
Rootbeer -$10
Roscoe -$4
Rose -$8
Rover -$2
Rowdy -$4
Roxie -$5
Ruby Bear -$10
Ruby Rabbit -$5
Ruddle -$3
Rudy -$5
Rufus -$3
Rumba -$3
Runner -$4
Rusty -$11
Ryan Newman #12 -$3


  • Mike says:

    I have 2 1997 chameleons Iggy, and rainbow that have the wrong tags from the factory, does this help rarety ?

  • Michael Sanders says:

    I have a first edition princess.” Princess Diana of Wales. In perfect condition Maiden China 1997. With PE pellets. How do I find out the true price of this item. When prices across the internet range from $4.99 to $51,000 so how do I figure out the True Value want to sell it.

  • Ashley says:

    I have two special limited edition Roary the lion’s that were given to mcdonnalds franchisee’s as a gift regarding the success of the teenies I’m looking to sell. I cannot find any pricing on these. They have a teenie beanie looking hang tag that opens like a regular beanie and its full size. Can someone please help?

  • Amy Miranda says:

    I don’t see the “Romance” bear on the list.

  • Anonymous says:

    romance the bear

  • Dianne says:

    rescue dalmatian dog for 9.11.2000. Value.

  • Kat says:

    Love My Beanies – 14 January, 2016
    Hello. Technically Rafaella is apart of the Ty Attic Treasures line, so it wouldn’t be included on this list, but they tend to sell for about $1-$5 online

    1$-5$ what dollars ????

  • Melissa says:

    Rainbow the chameleon how much is it worth?

  • Merranda says:

    What about rainbow the chameleon?

  • Toni JAMES says:

    Confused! I have a “Lucky” identical to one listed on Etsy for $4,000. Same errors etc. Advice please?

  • Beverly Spears says:

    I have a rainbow chameleon. Not on list. Thank you

  • Aron says:

    I have a Halo II bear that has a faint 46 stamp on the back of the heart tag and the back of the tush tag. It is more noticeable on the tush tag. Any ideas what that is? I can not find anything on it.
    I also have an Ants in a air tight unopened plastic package. I would appreciate any info you might be able to give. Please send reply to my email. Thank you.

  • Felicia says:

    Rainbow not sock not dash just Rainbow D.O.B October 14th 1997 bluish green chameleon yellow eyes 1997 tush tag P.E. pellets actually he is green & blue any value?

  • Anonymous says:

    I have 2 different versions of Rainbow the Chameleon. I have a blue/green one with no tongue and a tye dye one with a tongue. Value?

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