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Beanie Babies Price Guide – Letter O

Beanie Babies with ones beginning with letter ‘O’. If you have one not listed below, leave a comment and I will add it to the list. Prices are from completed auctions on eBay.

O -$3
Oakdale -$7
Oasis -$20
Oats -$3
Ocker -$4
October -$3
Oddie -$4
Odie -$4
O’Fortune -$6
Ohio -$3
Ohio Scarlet Carnation -$3
Olaf -$5
Old Timer -$4
Ole -$10
O’Lucky -$8

Omnia -$8
Omnibus -$12
Onny -$4
Ontario -$6
Ooh-la-la -$6
Opie -$6
Orange -$8
Orchard -$15
Oriel -$4
Orient -$
Orion -$3
Osito -$4
Otis -$
Outlaw -$10
Ox -$4


  • Larry says:

    I have 365 Ty Beanie Babies From 1992-2003 All either in original packing or in Plastic Display cases over 100 bears, 4 Princess Di Bears, Also have all McDonalds Ty Beanies. Will provide list and pictures want to sell the entire collection together. I purchased all these myself and they have all been kept in excellent condition.

  • Anonymous says:

    how about osito? mine doesn’t have a tush stamp

  • karmen says:

    What’s the value on “OX (zodiac)”?

  • Anonymous says:

    Ox from the Zodiac collection

  • Liana LeMore says:

    Hi Beanie Lover: I have Orion the Bear. He doesn’t have pellets, he is stuffed. His tush tag has 1993. His hang tag is from “the attic treasures collection”. Is he worth anything? I can’t find any information on him. Thank you for your very helpful website!

  • becky traeger says:

    I have an owl 2000 beanie baby but it wasn’t on the list.

  • Denise says:

    have the same Orion Bear same collection navy blue with sweater like new

  • Julia says:

    I did not see Spangle the Bear

  • Michelle Kader says:

    i have a ohio bicentennial with dates 1803. to 2003 on belly..???

  • Megan Sluck says:

    I can’t seem to find iggy with a rainbow tush and hanging tag. I also can’t find sammy the bear

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello. I have O’Malley the cat from the Classic ty collection its not on your list

  • Anonymous says:

    birthday beanies October Opal copywrite 2001 is it worth anything not on your list

  • Donald Stitt says:

    any idea of value on a set of BBOC original 9 beanies from 2005 in sealed bag from ty ?

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