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Beanie Babies Price Guide – Letter P

Beanie Babies price guide for ones beginning with letter ‘P’.

One of the most common Beanie Babies is the Princess Diana Bear. Keep in mind, a portion of the original sales went to charity, so it’s not like they were trying to make them limited. There are well over 20 million Princess Beanie Babies in existence.

Most PRINCESS BEARS ARE ONLY WORTH $1-10 ON THEIR BEST DAY. I typically buy Princess Bears locally for $1-2.

Many counterfeit versions of the Princess Bear exists.


Princess Bear
PE Pellets Version $10 or less
PVC Pellets Version $30+

VERY misleading article from the Daily Mail UK.  A couple bought a Princess Bear for $15, thinking it was worth tens of thousands.

They actually got ripped off paying $15 for it.


Some Peace Bears can sell for more if they have a unique color scheme that someone likes.

Most tend to sell in the $5 range.



Pablo -$40
Pads -$15
Pal -$6
Palace -$5
Palms -$4
Panama -$3
Panmunjom -$10
Pansage -$12
Pansy -$4
Papa Grandfather -$6
Papa 2007 -$5
Pappa -$4
Pappa 2004 -$4
Parka -$7
Patches -$15
Patriot -$4
Patti – See Guide
Patty O’Lucky -$8
Paul -$2
Peace – $1-$20
Peaches -$5
Peanut – See Guide
Pearl -$4
Pecan -$2
Peekaboo -$2
Peepers -$6
Peeps -$3
Pegasus -$8
Peking – See Guide
Pellet -$4
Pennsylvania -$4
Pennsylvania Mountain -$4
Peppa -$5
Peppermint -$30
Periwinkle e-Bear -$3
Periwinkle Cat -$20
Petunia -$4
Phantom -$6
Philadelphia -$3
Philadelphia Eagles -$6
Philadelphia Phillies -$6
Pi -$4
Picnic -$4
Pico -$7
Pierre -$4
Pig -$4
Pilgrim -$10
Pinata -$2
Pinchers – See Guide
Pinkerton -$4
Pinkie Pie -$7
Pinky Flamingo -$4
Pinky Guinea Pig -$20
Pinny -$5
Pinta -$4
Pippo -$15
Pique -$8
Piran -$15

Pirouette -$8
Pittsburgh -$4
Pittsburgh Pirages -$8
Pittsburgh Steelers -$8
Plex -$20
Pluff -$5
Plymouth -$5
Pocus -$4
Poet -$4
Pogo -$15
Pompey -$6
Pompoms -$8
Ponder -$4
Pongo -$5
Poofie -$2
Pooky -$15
Poolside -$3
Poopsie -$2
Popcorn -$4
Pops -$3
Poseidon -$3
Posy -$3
Pouch -$2
Pounce -$2
Pounder -$10
Pounds -$3
Prance -$3
Premier -$5
Pretzels -$10
Prickles -$3
Prickles 2010 -$20
Pride -$15
Prima -$5
Prince -$3
Princess (PE Pellets) $10 or less
Princess (PVC Pellets) $30 
Princess Cadence -$5
Princess Celestia -$5
Princess Luna -$5
Princess Peppa -$5
Prinz von -$3
Promise -$15
Propeller -$3
Prunella -$5
Puddles -$8
Pudding -$15
Puffer -$2
Pugsly -$3
Pumkin’ -$3
Punchers – See Guide
Punchline -$10
Pungo -$9
Punkin Face -$10
Punxsutawney Phil -$5
Pup-In-Love -$3
Puppy Claus -$5
Purr -$4
Purry -$10
Puss In Boots -$10

royal blue peanut

Peanut – Royal Blue
Authenticated by: Becky’s True Blue Beans
Hang Tag: 3rd Gen – Tush Tag: 1st Gen
Sold For: $510.00
Date Sold: May 11, 2014
Top Beanie Babies Sales – May 2014




Peking the Panda
Authenticated by: True Blue Beans
Swing Tag: 1st Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Sold For: $305.00
Date Sold: April 6, 2014
Top Beanie Babies Sales – April 2014




panda worth money

Peking the Panda
Authenticated by: PBBags
Swing Tag: 2nd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Sold For: $180.27
Date Sold: April 27, 2014
Top Beanie Babies Sales – April 2014


  • Shelley Herron says:

    Propeller the fish?

  • J.R. Woodruff says:

    ty 2000 “Prince” the frog price?

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a 1995 peanut the elephant beanie baby

  • Norma says:

    I have a rear peanut elephant beanie with two different eyes one blue one gray anyone know anything about it ??

  • joseph brown says:

    just found princess bear with full jewelry. tiara, necklace, earrrings. have not seen any like this. does it increase value at all.

    • Tony says:

      Princess bears do not come with any accessories, so the jewelry must have been added by a previous owner. The jewelry does not add any value, and if damage has been done to the bear, that may even lower the value.

  • Alexis says:

    I have a periwinkle bear with original tag that says 2000 with a silver star on the tag. I notice you have two listed, is mine either of them and if not is mine worth anything??

  • Jorie says:

    I have a Patti with a 3rd gen TT and a 4th gen HT with a SUFRACE error. and idea on value?

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a Peace sytle 4053 bod 2-1-96

  • Sabrina Ingram says:

    Hello! I have a Peppermint that has a brown tag. Can you tell me what it is worth?

  • Dee says:

    I have a Patti that has a Patti tush tag and a Goldie hang tag! Any advice of what to do with this?

  • symphony007 says:

    What about Prince the Frog?

  • Tony says:


    I have two Pinchers Lobsters, and both of them have 4th gen swing tags, but one has a 4th gen tush tag and the other has a 5th. The one with the 4th generation tush tag has Deutschland in the swing tag and the one with the 5th generation tush tag has Canada in the swing tag.
    How rare are the two variations and how much are they worth?


  • Amanda says:

    I have a Bonsai ty beanie baby and was wondering what he would be worth? Also have a puffer beanie baby and wondering what he is worth?

  • Roger D. Peterson says:

    How much is Pouch the Kangaroo worth?

    RD Peterson

  • Anonymous says:

    I have Pappa 2004. He’s brown and has a tie that says #1 Dad. Is that worth anything?

  • ,,, says:

    prance the cat with a misprint tag

  • Anonymous says:


  • Gunner says:

    How can something that no one wants to buy have any value? I have over a thousand Ty Beanie Babies and many of the so called “rare” ones. I’ve tried to get rid of them, but for the time and effort required to essentially give them away to a dealer I would be better off using them as toilet paper. I’ve rambled on long enough, so I’m off to bed. I’ve got an early appointment with a princess tomorrow.

  • Mary Webb says:

    I have a princess Diana with a half rose ..factory default ?

  • Laura says:

    I have a Pinchers with 4th generation hang tag….but a tush tag that says Ringo. Does this change any value?

  • Carol says:

    I have a royal blue peanut Beanie Buddy it does not have a tag it has registration number PA – 19655 KR is this worth anything

  • Carol says:

    I have a royal blue peanut has no ear tag is this worth anything

  • Amorena says:

    I see that you have the Royal Blue Peanut on the list but not the light blue, does the light blue have any value?

  • lea says:

    I have princess Diane fabulous condition.. was offered 9000.00 but turned it down now I’m thinking of letting it go for 6800.00 asap~

  • Tina says:

    I have 3 Batty with tag and label errors. Worth?

  • >