Beanie Babies Price Guide – Letter G

Price guide for Beanie Babies that begin with the letter G. If you need pricing for a Beanie Babie that isn’t listed on this page and begins with letter G, leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

Key Beanie Babies on this page include Goldie the Fish, which can be worth decent money if they have 1st or 2nd Generation Heart Tags. 1st Generation version can easily sell for over $150. Grunt the Razorback’s are worth about $30 if they have 3rd/2nd Generation Tags. Grunt’s with 4th Generation Tags are only worth about $5.

Beanie Babies on This Page Worth Money



Goldie The Fish
1st & 2nd Generation Versions = $$$$



[one_half_first]Gallops -$7
Garcia – See Guide
Gardenia -$4
Garlands -$5
Gary -$8
George -$6
George Super Hero -$7
Georgia -$4
Georgia Cherokee Rose -$4
Germania -$5
Germany -$6
Ghostio -$6
Ghoul -$5
Ghoulianne -$3
Ghoulish -$5
Giblets -$11
Gidget -$5
Gift -$5
Giganto -$4
GiGi -$4
Gimmy -$5
Gingerspice -$7
Gingy -$15
Giraffiti -$5
Giving -$8
Gizmo -$4
Glacier -$6
Glider -$3
Gloria -$6
Glory –See Guide
Glow -$4
Goat -$5
Goatee -$4
Gobbled -$5
Gobbles -$3
Goddess -$5[/one_half_first][one_half_last]Golden Peppa -$5
Goldie – See Guide
Goochy -$3
Goodheart -$4
Goodnight Garfield -$8
Goody -$9
Gouliette -$8
Grace -$4
Gracie -$3
Graf von Rot -$6
Gramps -$6
Grams -$5
Grandad Dog -$10
Grandfather -$4
Grandmother -$6
Grape Ice -$7
Green Bay Packers -$10
Gratefully -$4
Gravy -$20
Green M&M -$8
Greetings -$3
Greg Biffle -$2
Gretel -$3
Grizzwald -$4
Groom -$5
Groovey -$6
Groovy -$4
Groowwl -$6
Grumbles -$5
Grunt -$34
Guam -$10
Gully -$5
Gus -$10
Gussy -$6
Gylfie -$20
Gypsy -$6[/one_half_last]


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Love My Beanies

  • I don’t see Glory bear on the list. Is this worth anything?

    Also, I had two of the Mystic beanies with brown horn and course mane. What is worth of them?

    Also, I have a Goldie and don’t know how to know what generation it is.

  • I have Beanie Baby pouch – date of birth 11-6-96, 2 Nuts – date of birth 1-21-96, Scoop – date of birth 7-1-96, Wrinkles – date of birth 96. All have book tag except Wrinkles. All the toush tags say handmade in China. Are they worth anything? I would like to sell them. Any interest?

    I also have the The Taco Bell dog that says Yo Quiero Taco Bell when you push his tummy. is there any interest.

    Also, Disneys Bashful, Flower, and Doc. All have the original tags on them. A tiny Hushpuppy dog, no sale tag, but a toush tag.

    I am downsizing and would like to sell them if possible.

  • I have a Garcia the bear 1993 no period after IL, p.v.c pellets, extra tush tag, Garcia on the tush tag, no star on tush tag, no period after the A in U.S.A, no number on inside of tush tag…worth anything?

  • Looking for value of Gwyndolyn with robe “All that Glitters !” The Attic Treasures Collection
    1993 Ty Tush Tag Burgundy

    Thank you

  • I have A Gobbles that has pink hang tag with white star & says PVC pellets on tush tag also both tags say 1996 November 27th 1996 on hang tag is this of value?

  • I have hundreds of Beanie Babies and wanting to sell them. Any suggestions? I’m sure that some are very collectible.

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